Birthday and Honor Books

The tradition continues!

Birthday and Honor Books are back for the 2018-2019 school year.


Parents, grandparents, and friends can honor a student on

his or her birthday by donating a book to the library.


Mrs. Gosse has a cart of brand new books from which to choose.


She places a bookplate with the student's name, age, and birth date

in the front of the book, and this book stays in the MPE library for years,

honoring the student.


Students and teachers began adding Honor Books to this tradition,

donating books in honor of someone just because they are appreciated.

The Birthday and Honor books are presented by Mrs. Gosse in our

morning assemblies.


It is a great way to honor someone and to grow our library collection.


A big "thank-you" goes out to all who have donated books in this way.