MPES Carnival

Every year the choir parents build a cardboard box maze for the carnival.   "The Amazing Cave"  is a choir fundraiser.  All the proceeds go toward music, contest and other choir expenses.
The choir will be building a cardboard box maze "The Amazing Cave".   We need a team of volunteers to build the maze and tear it down when the carnival is over.  The maze is made with large appliance size boxes connected with zip ties and duct tape.  Outside the music room we will be selling flashlight toys  (Bumpy Rings etc.)  
What we need.  
Volunteers to build and tear down the maze
10 - 15 large appliance boxes (Refrigerator or stove size)
Flash Light Toys
Poster Boards and Advertising signs
zip ties 
Fans (We only need to borrow fans for the night)
Extension Cords (on loan also)
Cordless Drills (on loan)
Please let me know if you can help or donate items.  We will compile a list and keep you posted.  This is the only choir fundraiser and a tradition at the carnival.
The more boxes the more fun!!!