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Award Winning Choir

Join Choir Remind. Text the message @baf638 to the number 81010.


 I look forward to hearing the students sing, It brings joy to my life.


We meet every Tuesday and Wednesday.


Welcome to the second semester in choir.  Magnolia Parkway Choir is preparing music for the Greater North Houston Music Festival.  Thursday April 5th.  Pre-Festival concert on Tuesday April 3rd at 6:00 P.M. The festival is basically a contest the will be judged against other local choirs.  


Upcoming Choir Dates 
Tuesday April 3rd 6:00 PM pre-contest concert
Thursday April 5th Greater North Houston Music Festival
Lone Star College, Tomball
Saturday April 28th,  The Amazing Cave - choir carnival booth
The choir will be building a cardboard box maze "The Amazing Cave".   We need a team of volunteers to build the maze and tear it down when the carnival is over.  The maze is made of large appliance size boxes connected with zip ties and duct tape.  Outside the music room we will be selling flashlight toys  (Bumpy Rings etc.)  
What we need. 
Volunteers to build and tear down the maze
10 - 15 large appliance boxes (Refrigerator or stove size)
Duct tape
Flash Light Toys
Poster Boards and Advertising signs
Mrs. Campbell is getting all the zip ties we need
Fans (We only need to borrow fans for the night)
Extension Cords (on loan also)
Cordless Drills (on loan)
Please let me know if you can help or donate items.  I will compile a list and keep you posted.  This is the only choir fundraiser. 





Concert dress is our choir shirt and black from the waist down.  i.e. slacks, skirt, shoes, socks etc.  


Are time together is very precious and every minute we make beautiful music together. 

  We meet every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:15.







I am extremely privileged and excited to direct this group of children.


Chris Canik






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