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MPES Bookstore

MPES Bookstore
We are located at the end of 2nd Grade Hall.
Parents are welcome to come with their child. 
Students not accompanied by a parent must have a bookstore pass from their teacher to enter. 

Open Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30-9:30am 

Open at 8:00 if accompanied by a parent 

We want to thank all of you who have made donations to our store. 
Special thanks to Mrs. Moreno for help in making this project happen!

Dear MPES Parents, 
Magnolia Parkway would like students and what better way to do this by putting great books in their hands. This led us to the idea of own bookstore. Our main goal would not but to give every student the in their homes. In order to achieve this we will make our books very affordable. The prices of these books would range from $.25 to $1.00. The bookstore would be open Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings (parents are welcomed for this project to be a success I would need for your generous donations of gently used children’s books. These can be d off at the front office. We are very excited to get the community to work together to continue to make our children successful for the future. 
Claudine Dehaquiz 
Bilingual Coach

Queridos Padres de Familia de MPES,
 Magnolia Parkway le gustar nuestros alumnos y qué mejor manera de hacer esto poniendo libros en sus manos. Esto nos llev propia librería. Nuestro objetivo principal no ser necesariamente monetaria sino para dar a cada estudiante la oportunidad de crear una biblioteca en sus casas. Para lograr esto vamos a hacer que los libros sean muy asequible precios de estos libros seran librería estaría abierta el padres son bienvenidos a comprar con los ni proyecto sea un éxito vamos a necesitar sus donaciones generosas de libros para niños en muy buenas condiciones. Las donaciones se pueden dejar en la oficina principal. Estamos muy contentos de llegar a trabajar juntos con la comunidad para ayudar a nuestros.
Claudine Dehaquiz
Bilingual Coach