Magnolia Parkway Elementary School

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Lego Club

Do you enjoy using your imagination? Are you a "lego-maniac"?

What will we do?
-Some day, we'll use "Build to Express" kits to complete a building challenge related to a  particular theme.
-On other days, we'll use our collection of Lego sets of various sizes and theme to build according to the manuals.
-Some days, we may just use our boxes of various pieces for you to "Free Build" whatever your heart desires!
Tuesdays 7:30am
5th Grade- Ms.Genier
4th Grade- Ms. Thompson
 3rd Grade- Mrs. Murphy
2nd Grade- Ms. Benignus and Mrs. Wernecke
1st Grade- Ms. Bash
 Kindergarten-Mrs. Gunter and Mrs. Folsom in room 302 (Mrs. Gunter's room)