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MPES Birthday Celebration Procedures
Questions and Answers
Birthday recognition at school are totally up to the parent and/or guardian. If you would like to do
something to recognize your child’s special day please see below for birthday celebration procedures.

Are there other ways outside of snacks to recognize my child birthday?
Yes, we have two other campus options to recognize your child’s birthday:
● One way is to purchase a birthday book for your child. The cost is $12.00. Applications for Birthday
Books are available on our library tab on the MPES webpage, in the library or the front office. Each
student selects a book from the Librarians Birthday Book Cart, and a label with the name of the
student is inserted into the front of the book as a dedication. The child‘s picture is taken with the
book and posted on the MPES Birthday Bulletin Board.
● Another way is to have your child’s name put on the marquee for the first week of the their birthday
month. The cost is $20.00. Applications for Birthday Marquee are available on the campus website
under the students & parents tab or in the front office.
Do I have to provide a sweet treat?
No, it is not required you provide a class snack for your child’s birthday. Students love to celebrate
with pencils, eraser toppers, stickers, etc. If you would like to provide a snack, it does not have to be
a sweet treat. Other snack items include individual packages of fruit snacks, packages of apple
slices, goldfish, pretzels, etc. All snacks are welcomed for birthday recognition. Please be sure that
any snack purchased follows the guideline to prevent allergic reactions.

Do cupcakes/cookies/brownies/donuts need to be approved?
Yes, if you wish to recognize your child’s birthday at school by having cupcakes/cookies etc., you
must get approval at least 1 week in advance.

How can my request be approved?
Please complete the MPES Birthday Celebration application below and submit to the classroom teacher at
least 1 week prior to the special snack recognition. This allows us to check the class list for allergies
and make alternate plans for students who may not participate due to allergies. You will be notified
of the approval once it is signed by the teacher. If you do receive the approval notice please contact
your classroom teacher to follow-up.

If I choose to bring a snack what do I need to provide?
One item/individual serving for each student in the class-cookies/cupcakes, etc. that are store
bought. All ingredients must be listed on the package. No homemade items are permitted. Avoid all
nuts, peanut butter and red dyes. No drinks, gifts, balloons or gift bags will be permitted or delivered
to the room.

When should I drop them off at the front office?
Please drop off snack items for the class at the front office no later than 9:00am. School personnel
will deliver the snack (cookies/cupcakes, etc.) to the classroom.

When will these recognitions take place?
Each teacher will choose a time for these recognitions that will not interfere with instruction.
May I come to the recognition?
The birthday recognition is limited to teachers and students so as not to take away from instruction

When can we recognize my child’s birthday?
All birthdays should be recognized on, immediately before, or immediately after the actual birthday.
Parents of student with summer birthdays should contact teachers to secure a convenient time to

May we celebrate things other than birthdays?
The snacks (cookies/cupcakes,etc.) will be permitted for birthdays only. Moving out of town or
celebrating a tournament victory may be appropriate outside of the school day. Only birthday
recognitions by be celebrated at school. At MPES we love recognizing students for extracurricular
activities during Morning Assembly.