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April Adams

Titles: Tutor, Tutor - Elementary Math/Reading

Hailey Adelgren

Titles: Aide - Pre-K I, Campus Aide I

Linda Adelgren

Titles: Aide - SP ED, SPED Aide I

Nekia Allison

Titles: Special Ed/Adapted PE, Teacher - Special Education

Laura Atchetee

Titles: Cafeteria Monitor, Cafeteria Monitor

Megan Baker

Titles: Principal - Elementary, Principal-Elementary

Sabrina Barrett

Titles: Special Education - C - Inclusion, Teacher - Special Education

Kimberly Bash

Titles: Pre-Kindergarten, Teacher - Elementary

Jennifer Beckman

Titles: 3rd Grade ELA/SS, Teacher - Elementary

Sarah Bellini

Titles: Assistant Principal - Elementary, Assistant Principal - Elementary