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The Heart of Our School

Carnival Fun

Our MPES UIL Participants made us proud!

Kindergarten Field Trip

Congratulations to our MPES Spelling Bee Winner, Gaige Sanders, and 1st Runner  Up,  Elysse Hall!

Parkway Moms are the best in the world!

Watchdog Dads are the best at reading stories.

Snow Day at Parkway =)


Chess Club

Celebrating 102 days in 2nd Grade

Celebrating 102 days in 2nd Grade

MPES Chess Club at UIL Competition.

Celebrating 102 days in 2nd Grade

Bubba the Cowboy Prince


Thank you, MPES PTO, for an amazing Candyland Carnival!

Our Watchdog Dads Are Awesome!!!!

Lego Club

Jingle Bell Run

Snow Day at Parkway?!?!

Upcoming Events

Teacher Appreciation Week
Date: 5/1/2017
Kindergarten Round Up
Date: 5/3/2017, 9 AM 2 PM
Kindergarten Round Up
Date: 5/4/2017, 9 AM 2 PM
Captain Book Performance for PreK-2nd Grade
Date: 5/5/2017
Popcorn Day
Date: 5/5/2017

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Principal's Message

My Pledge the Principal of Magnolia Parkway Elementary

I will put students first.
We are in the business of customer service and our first customers are OUR students!   I’ll always remember why I chose education, to be part of a cause bigger than myself and to have a positive impact on our future. Creating opportunities for kids has been and will continue to be my top priority.

I will be visible.
I will be in hallways, classrooms, and at events as much as my schedule allows. I will build relationships with staff, students, and parents and to be accessible to them. 

I will engage our community.
Parents are vital partners to our work. I will do my part to build relationships with our families through our PTO and other community partnerships.

I will listen.
Be quick to listen and slow to speak.  You are your childs expert!  I welcome your voice in all the decisions that we make regarding their education.

I will communicate.
Words have such great power to bless or to wound.  When you speak carelessly or negatively, you damage others as well as yourself. I will articulate my views or values so that everyone knows my perspective. I will communicate regularly so people will know who I am and what I am about.

I will empower.
To be a leader, you must build the leadership capacity of others. I will work with every member of the staff (certified and non-certified) to push beyond their comfort zone to further their own development. We are committed to both professional and personal growth where we strive to learn new strategies that focus on the individual child.

I will represent and advocate for our school in my actions, appearance, and words.
I will take my role seriously and do my best to enhance the reputation of our school community. This is not just a job, it is a lifestyle.  We must represent that passion in all that we do for others to see.

While I commit to make tough decisions, listen, and to communicate, I also realize that I will make mistakes. When this happens, I will take responsibility and improve. I will not ask anyone to do anything I am not willing to do myself, including coming out of my comfort zone to learn and grow.

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Campus Info

It is our mission to come each day with an "open mind, open heart and open spirit." 

Building trusting relationships with our students is our first priority. We truly believe that you must show students that you love them before you ever can teach them. Our vision focuses on the whole accomplish that you must have parent involvement, teacher dedication to continuous growth, building partnerships with parents and community, setting high expectations for our staff, students and families. As our students say each day..."I have Parkway Pride in ME!" This is absolutely true of the MPES school family.

Please feel free to contact me at any

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Magnolia Independent School District is to provide an educational environment that will enable all students to develop essential academic skills for a lifetime of learning and to prepare students to be responsible, contributing citizens in a diverse and changing world.

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